Friday, June 8, 2012

Victoria's Hearth has become I Wish for Carrots

Hi Every One!

I have changed the direction of my crafts. Along with this I have a new business name and a new blog.

You can find my new blog here! it is called I Wish For Carrots.

Check out my first post and find out how it all started with a T-Shirt!

I will not be posting here any more. But, you will be able to find me and my bunnies and my crafts on I Wish for Carrots from now on.

Thanks & Go Craft,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year - A new Personal Record and a New Project!

Happy New Year Every One!

New PR's

First off, I would like to congratulate my amazing - and strong - husband, Jeremy for conquering some new weight lifting Personal Records today.
  • Squat - 325lb
  • Bench - 235lb
  • Deadlift - 405lb
That is a total of 965 pounds - seriously impressive!!!!

A New Project

I have been doing a lot of reevaluating here at Victoria's Hearth. I have come to the conclusion that I really miss creating beautiful things for my home. So, I've decided to make my home - and home life - a priority. Therefor, my first project of the year is a embroidered tablecloth for a small table on our front porch.

Our east facing front porch is enclosed. Jeremy and I have taken to having breakfast there. I decided a table cloth with a winter scene on it was just the thing to make the porch a little cozier and add a lovely personal touch. A wreath of greens and winter berries will surround a little snow bunny - like there was any doubt. Of course there will be snowflakes to fill out the winter wonderland.

Here is my pattern.

Here is my material and thread.

 I'm really excited to get started. But first off - I have to wind my thread - so, I don't make a huge mess. That is just not good. I will be posting photos of my progress.

More Projects
Did I mention that Jeremy decided to replace the welder? You know what that means? We will be making our couch! I will post photos of the design when it is finished. I'm using SketchUp to design the couch. It is a really cool bit of 3D modeling software!
Jeremy is also planing some new equipment for our home gym. It's getting pretty awesome in there. I'll keep you posted on how those projects progress as well.

Well, I'm off to start my tablecloth! What new projects are you planning for the New Year? Share in the comments.

Go Handmade,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Video Page

Hi every one!

Check out my new Video Page! It now lives right at the top of my blog - next to Home and About.

The new Video Page currently features 2 videos:
  • one of my bunny, Winston, eating some cilantro - how is it that bunnies look so cute even when they are eating?
  • the other video is a guy at the Handmade Homemade Market juggling with some of my felted dryer balls
I hope to get many more craft and bunny videos up on the page to share with every one soon!

Go handmade,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Up?

Things have been a bit busy with my husbands company lately. Since I work for him, this means I'm busy too. Big changes and lots of really great things happening. We are very excited about it.

However, this has not left a lot of time for posting here at Victoria's Hearth.

Never fear - I have all kinds of cool Holiday ideas. I will update you on them soon. I am also getting lots of great new "felties" ready for the Holidays.

For now, I will leave y'all with a picture of my very silly Winston getting a bit excited about breakfast the other day.

Yes, he is standing in his food bowl. I'm pretty sure Kay was shaking her head at him. Oh my!

Go Silly bunnies!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Spooky Fun

I love Halloween! And it is almost here!

For the last few years I have lived in a neighborhood where lots of kids come around for Trick or Treat. I have a few friends over. We make crazy, spooky Halloween food - like zombie toes (little smokies wrapped in Cressent Roll "bandages"). Then we hang out on the front porch, we drink blood (aka red wine), we eat, and we hand out candy to all of the Trick or Treaters. It's a creepy good time.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I have been creating a few little felties full of some spooky Halloween fun. They will be making an appearance at the October 8th Handmade Homemade Market. They might show up in my Etsy shop, too.

Trick or Treat Bunny.

And a "creepy" ghost.

Or two.

Not shown, cause they were not ready in time for the photo shoot, are some silly pumpkins and a "scary" web bunny.

What are your plans for Halloween? Share in the comments!

Go Handmade,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Binky Bunny Mobiles

A Happy Bunny is a Binky Bunny!

A Binky is when a bunny leaps joyously in the air. This action is often accompanied with a little twist or two. Sometimes a Binky is called the Bunny Dance. If you have never seen a Binky, you might want to check out this video of Billy the Bunny - he is an expert.

I think that a Binky bunny is the perfect idea for a Bunny Mobile.

Just imagine a happy bunny leaping through a lovely meadow full of flowers. Or maybe the bunny is just so good at leaping that he makes it all the way to the moon. Hey, if a cow can do it . . .

These cute mobiles are made with embroidery hoops covered with, of course, embroidery thread. The needle felted Bunnies are "magically" binking through the air with a little help from some more embroidery thread. The moons and meadows are also needle felted.

These silly bunnies will be arriving in my Etsy Shop soon. One might already be there.

Go Handmade,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hatch Green Chilies!

Hatch Chile season is in full swing in New Mexico. Lucky for those of us in Colorado, Hatch chile vendors pop up all over, with their roasters in tow, making the green beauties available every fall.

"Hatch Chile" is not actually a variety of pepper, but is a term used to describe peppers of several different varieties grown in the the Hatch area of New Mexico. Actual variety names might include "Big Jim", "Joe Parker", "Sandia", and others.

Green chile is actually the "unripe" chile available at the beginning of the fall. Typically green chile's are made into rellenos, enchiladas and stews. Later, the peppers ripen and turn red and are dried to be made into that delicious red chile sauce that flavors a multitude of dishes that will keep you warm all winter!

Last Sunday, I headed over to my favorite Chile stand to see what they were roasting up. Gabriel, roaster extroidenair, was there doing his thing with the peppers. After checking out the lovely asortment, I taste a few of the "not very hot" chilies. As I started to tear up, I was quickly offered a piece of watermelon to help my mouth cool off. Not only did the watermelon do it's job - it was delicious!

Gabriel Galicia Sr. doing his thing with my chiles.

I got 2 bushels of mild chile's - that is about 8 gallons, in case you were wondering. Gabriel offered to roast them up with a few cloves of garlic. That sounded pretty great to me! The smell was fantastic!

Here they are. If you look closely, you can see a head of garlic right in the center.

Look how easy they peel.

One bushel ready to go.

I sorted out the nicest chiles to be stuffed. In fact, last nights dinner was chiles stuffed with cheese and pork, served on a bed of rice and topped with black bean sauce.  Sorry, no photos. We ate it to quickly.

Most of my chiles - 24 ziplock bags worth - will be used to make Green Chili Sauce. The beauty of Green Chili Sauce is that it goes on everything! My favorite however is to use it in my and Jeremy's typical weekend breakfast: eggs, black beans, cheese, bacon, tortillas and Green Chili Sauce - you just can't go wrong!

Are you a green chile fan? How do you like to cook yours? Please share in the comments.

Go Homemade,