Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crafty Fall Fun

I love looking around the interwebs for craft tutorials. There is so much creativity to be inspired by out there.

In honor of my first tutorial, I thought it would be fun to share some other cool craft tutorials I have found on the interwebs lately. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me!

Paper Leaves 
These festive paper cutouts from Zakka Life are like a cross between origami and paper cutting. Think paper dolls only prettier!
I think they would look great hanging in a window or, like in the photo, on a table with a candle in the center.

Velvet Pumpkins 
You can find a ton of pumpkin tutorials on the web but, these velvet pumpkins at DIY Craft Projects are lush and lovely. Plus, they are made with a simple fabric yo-yo!
I love that she used actual pumpkin stems in them. The rice filling is a really good idea. It will make the pumpkins much firmer and more stable then just fiberfill.

Wax Paper & Crayon leaves  
Oh, my goodness! I have not made these since I was a kid. I remember how awesome it was to watch the crayons melt.
I love the idea of making a mobile out of these lovely leaves. Just remember not to put them anyplace that gets to hot. You can imagine what will happen.
Thanks V and Co. for reminding me how cool crayons are. The mixed crayon colors are fantastic.

Fall Wreath  
I use to think making a wreath was daunting and scary. Then I realized it's all about hot glue. Hey, that's not so bad. Now, I'm tempted to make one for each month of the year!
This wreath tutorial from O. Alouette is really two tutorials in one. Not only does she show you how she made her cute wreath, but also points you to this sweet paper pinwheel flower tutorial from Striving to be More. Besides, there is just something about grape vines.

So get your glue gun and the rest of your craft supplies out and  get ready for a crafty good time!

What crafty tutorials have inspired you this fall? What are you planning on making? Are you already ahead of the game?  Please share in the comments.

Go Handmade,

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  1. Love the velvet pumpkins! I just checked out the link. They look like something you would find in Pottery Barn (which is a good thing).